Residential Heating and Air MN

Of all the items in your home one that is taken for granted more often than others is your heating and air conditioning system. Homeowners are often surprised when their furnace or AC units go out, and the realization of comfort sets in. Whether you are prepared or not, repair or replacement becomes a priority and Patton Heating and Air is here to help you!

Our Heating and AC Services

Reasons to Replace Your Heating and AC System:

  • Any major repair on a system that is older than eight years. Not only are you investing money into an old system, there are no guarantees that something else won’t fail in the near future.
  • There are more efficient models on the market than the system you are currently using.  This can help increase your home’s efficiency, and decrease your electric bill.
  • The EPA has mandated that manufacturers stop making R-22 equipment (that is most likely the refrigerant your current system uses).  This means that if you make a major repair to your existing system, you have made an investment in a piece of equipment that is no longer going to be manufactured after 2009.
  • New systems are installed with R-410a, which is the new refrigerant being used by manufacturers.  This refrigerant is more environmentally friendly than R-22, its predecessor.
  • Peace of mind.  A new piece of equipment will provide you trouble free operation for years to come.